redhat 5.1 install report

redhat 5.1 install report

Post by Hal Sadofs » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

We've just installed redhat 5.1 on 4 computers.  Two of them had 5.0
installed on them last December, and the other two were new.

I'm a bit underwhelmed.  It took quite a bit longer to regain
stability than with RH 5.0.


1)   All of our computers have S3 Virge/GX, but two are 6 months older
than the other two.  The old ones have an imcompatability with the S3
X driver such that they crash about one out of 10 times the S3 driver
restarts.  Luckily, they turn out to be problem-free with the SVGA
driver.  (The new ones don't work at all with the SVGA driver, but
they also seem to have no problems with the S3 driver.)
   It is hard to blame this on RH though, it seems like an X problem.

2) When (any) Xserver is killed (under xdm by a user logging off),
junk is written to wtmp, that shows up under "last" in lines like
the middle two below.

root     tty1                          Tue Sep  1 13:19 - down   (00:00)

brooks   ttyp1        :0.0             Tue Sep  1 09:04 - down   (04:14)

We got rid of this by backing up to the XFree rpm that came with 5.0.
Maybe the problem is with xdm, maybe it is with sessreg.  Maybe with
a configuration file.  I don't know.

3) No version of the xemacs files in contrib for 5.1 actually
installs.  They require a different version of libjpeg, but I can't
get _that_ rpm to unpack.

4) Strangely, no ftpd is included with the other networking stuff
(i.e., we have telnetd, fingerd, etc, but needed to get ftpd
separately).  Now we did say "n" to the anonymous ftp option on the
install, but it seems odd that that should leave us with _no_ ftpd.

5) A cucipop rpm would be nice.

6) again, nothing to do with RH, but in it seems
undocumented that if you want to relay from a domain, you put the
domainname in the file for hosts you want to relay from!

        Hal Sadofsky


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