newbie Linux setup

newbie Linux setup

Post by kurt dohert » Mon, 20 Oct 1997 04:00:00

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hello gang,  I am  trying to install redhat 2.0.18  onto my currenty
wintel machine.
i get the boot up and setup screen but linux refuses to see my Creative
labs(matushita cr581) dc-rom drive.  the cd-rom is part of a SB16 kit
and the cd drive is plugged into the sound card.  I currenty  have (2)
physical HDD  one is  850 mb and other is 5.1G
w (3) partitions.  My 850 is the primary and the 5.1 is on my secondary
IDE port.
Both are set to master.  and my cr rom is also set to master.  The drive
is ATAPI EDI (cdrom).  Linux  refuses to see  the cdrom at all.
I have swearched  deja news for some explanation but found no answer to
help me out
with this problem.
Please Excuse me for any ignorance toward what i have gathered is a
great OS
and I do wish to experience  what many of you have.

I thnk you in advance for any help,   Kurt  Doherty

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newbie Linux setup

Post by Sentr » Sun, 26 Oct 1997 04:00:00

  This sounds like a hardware issue.  Move both IDE hard drives to the
same IDE port and disable the second port thus freeing the resources for
the IDE port on the SB card so that the CDROM can be seen.  If the SB
card is an older one with a proprietary SCSI then check that it is not
on a used interrupt or address space.