Connection between Desqview and Linux

Connection between Desqview and Linux

Post by Igor Lae » Sun, 14 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi out there,

maybe someone can help. I have to do a connection between Linux and a DOS
machine runnning Desqview. On the Desqview machine are some programs
simultanously running, only with normal shell output. Some of the programs
need sometimes a input, with Desqview isnt it a great problem to do such
things. Now we converted some of the programs to linux, but for a bunch of
the programs we do not have the sources quick words, we need the
outputs from the msdos machine and put back inputs from a linux machine.

I have read, that it works maybe with some TCP/IP Soft on MS-DOS and Telnet
from the Unix machine, or i need the Samba Package...and other tell us, that
we need the KQ9 Package etc. etc. etc.. thousand Network-Packages to try.. :(

The prob is, we have no so much time to test them all, maybe someone has a
similar system running...please dont begin with OS/2 or Win NT instead of
Desqview, its only a 486/66 System and we have over 12 heavy calculating
tasks simultanously running !good! at the moment... we have tried
OS/2 but its "grafical waterhead" blows up after 7 of the costs to
much time (we have many help to the os/2 installation, but the first was, to
update to an thanks :-< )

Every hint to programs/drivers in freeware/shareware and the servers where we
can found it...commercial software is also allowed, when in lower midrange
prices (around 250$)

It get really sad, when i must tell my boss, that the linux server idea was
a big time consuming joke :-# rrrrt...

Thanx a(*1000) lot



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