Rightclick menu editing in RH8.

Rightclick menu editing in RH8.

Post by dA K » Sun, 17 Nov 2002 01:50:24


Would someone plz tell me how to change the termnial prog
which is located in the rightclick menu in RH8.

I'd like to change it to xterm :)

I'm using the RH Gnome Bluecurve theme.



1. Control Center loses menu after editing menu in menuDrake

Using, Mandrake and KDE2:

When I edit my menus in MenuDrake (which has its own issues) I lose all the
items in KDE Control Center (menus, etc.)  Control Center launches, but
there is just a blank white area where the various choices used to be (look
n feel, etc).

I've recreated this twice now.  I have to full reinstall to fix it as I
found no way to install just the control center.

Anyone else with this problem, or have any ideas?

Dante D'Elia

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