Large EIDE drive

Large EIDE drive

Post by Marco van » Sat, 23 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I recently bought a 850 Mb Western Digital drive and I'm not sure about some
things. I partitioned the drive into four partitions. The last partition has
cylinder 1024 as its first cylinder and 1654 as its last cylinder. There's no
problem with this right? I don't have any dos partitions on this drive. When I
start cfdisk and I sum up the size of the partitions I get 813 Mb. Is this
right? Or can't even linux cope with a large drive?



Large EIDE drive

Post by Infectici » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00

i dont understand why you partitioned it into 4 drives... but no there
should be no problem. Oh but one thing:
If your last aviable clynder is 2000 [example for a 1.08 gig hd]
set your last partition to 1999, that way the hard drive head can rest
on 2000 safely when you shutdown.


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I am having problems installing linux on my large EIDE drive (disk 2). Linux does not
recognise the drive at all. I have two drives a 420Mb EIDE and a 730Mb EIDE.

The first drive has 32 sectors per track (which linux hates) and the second drive
has only 16. My first drive contains only DOS/Windows, the second has OS/2 and
hopefully one day Linux.

I have tried with the boot: RAMDISK hd= ..... option, but that only changes
the recognition of my first drive.

Any ideas at all? The FAQs etc haven't been a lot of help.



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