guida a ppp over atm con scheda itex chip adsl

guida a ppp over atm con scheda itex chip adsl

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1. ADSL Modem - ITeX Chips Set - Linux Driver?

I have brought myself a ADSL modem that uses ITeX chips and the only reason
I brought it was becouse it had drivers for Linux, now i discover that ITeX
have gone under and im left with a modem that no one wants to touch.

I have the latest drivers for this modem that ITeX released before they went
under, and there the 2.4.16 drivers now becouse ITeX didnt/wont released the
code for the drivers I am left with there compiled drivers.

Ive followed the rules on compiling the kernel thats all fine works good,
and everything thing else asked, but its when I need to load the
itex1577-2.4.16.o module is when I get an error. It detects the card but
reports and error have way though loading the module... now the error is as

kernel: itexadsl: version= 2.2.7.ITEXPC86.0005 , built date= Thu Feb 7
11:16:17 PST 2002

kernel: itexadsl: card# 0, ix=0x0, bus=0x0, fn=0x60, ven=0x1471, dev=0x188

kernel: itexadsl: total 1 card(s) found.

kernel: itexadsl: irq=0xb, ioaddr=0xfc00, membase=0xfedf0000

kernel: itexadsl: card #0 - MAC: 00:c0:f0:92:00:6b from eeprom.

kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c30f8000

kernel: printing eip:

kernel: c3021b56

kernel: *pde = 010f7067

kernel: *pte = 00e81163

kernel: Oops: 000b

kernel: CPU: 0

kernel: EIP: 0010:[<c3021b56>] Not tainted

kernel: EFLAGS: 00010212

kernel: eax: 00000000 ebx: 000afc80 ecx: 0002bf20 edx: 00000000

kernel: esi: 000afc80 edi: c30f8000 ebp: c1649e88 esp: c1649e70

kernel: ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018

kernel: Process insmod (pid: 670, stackpage=c1649000)

kernel: Stack: 0000000b 92f0c000 000afc80 c30df1a0 c251a400 0000fc00
c1649eb8 c3024527

kernel: c30df1a0 00002710 00002710 c251a400 00000246 00000021 01179ee8

kernel: 00000001 00000020 c1649ee8 c3021334 00000000 c10de400 c30df1a0

kernel: Call Trace: [<c30df1a0>] [<c3024527>] [<c30df1a0>] [<c30df1a0>]

kernel: [<c30df1a0>] [<c30df1a8>] [<c30df260>] [<c30df260>] [<c30190b3>]

kernel: [<c301af00>] [sys_init_module+1335/1520] [<c3019060>]

kernel: [<c301af00>] [<c01125b7>] [<c3019060>] [<c0106cf3>]


kernel: Code: f3 ab f6 c3 02 74 02 66 ab f6 c3 01 74 01 aa 8b 4d 08 8b 41

I lost to what this means and how to fix it... and was hoping some one else
has had this problem but has fix it?

I would really like to get my ADSL modem working under linux so any help
would be great

The above link is to the driver that I am using and I have downloaded and
used kernel 2.4.2, 2.4.16, and 2.4.15

Thank You


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