Linux kills w95 CD ROM Drive?

Linux kills w95 CD ROM Drive?

Post by Gary E. Blo » Fri, 01 May 1998 04:00:00

Platform: Micron P100, 2 IDE HDs & CD ROM running (early version of) WIN
95. RH 5.0 installed nicely on 3 Linux partitions of my second hard drive.
Booted nicely from LILO. Soon after Win95 no longer shows a CD drive while
Linux still does. Win95 Device Monitor shows "!" on HD primary & secondary
controllers. Re-install device drivers. No change. Boot disk won't show CD
drive either. Can Lilo cause anything like this? (But then, the boot disk
should work.)




1. Linux Hard drive recognized as CD ROM in W95!

I did have this very same problem and posted it to this newsgroup with no
answer.  I did find, however, a little trick to go around this problem.
Since it seemed like Windows 95 was trying to read drive on which
Linux is installed and could not make sense out of it, it virtually
hangs the machine waiting for it to finish reading that drive.
Windows 95 would then sometimes report that this drive is a CD-ROM
drive.  What I did was to repartition my second hard disk which only
had Linux native partitions in such a way that the first partition
was DOS partition.  It didn't have to be big.  Since I use my second
hard drive solely for Linux, I made a DOS partition of size 10 and
formatted it.  Now, Windows 95 is happy, and so is my Linux box.
Hope this helps, and if someone knows of a better solution, I would
appreciate it.


:  * Newsgroups:,comp.os.linux.misc,iu.linux

: [I am crossposting this to both win95.misc and linux.misc because of
: the relevance to both OSs - sorry if it isn't appropriate]

: Hi!

: I briefly remember someone posting something similar to this in this
: group ( but I didn't pay any attention
: at that time, since I wasn't having this problem. I have linux and
: Windows95 installed in my P90, in separate hard drives. When I first
: set everything up, everything was fine, since windows95 didn't even
: recognize the second hard drive after installing linux, and renamed
: the two partitions of the first drive C and D, and all was well.

: Recently, I am not exactly sure what I did, but my computer started
: showing a zombie E: drive with a CD ROM symbol. I decided to ignore
: it, but I am having so much problems with this thing that I have to
: get this thing fixed. I have noticed two major problems -

: 1. My system, while originally "tuned for optimum performance" in the
: Performance tab under Systems panel, is now back to the dreaded
: "MS-DOS compatibility mode". It says only E drive (the zombie) is
: using compatibility mode, but I can feel that the overall performance
: has also gone down.

: 2. Some 32bit apps, while opening the File-Open dialog, freezes the
: whole system, possibly while accessing the E drive. Nothing works
: except Reset!

: If anyone has experienced similar problems and found a solution,
: please post/email. I will really appreciate it.

: Thanks a lot!

: Jit.
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