Problems with TFT monitor

Problems with TFT monitor

Post by Gunnar Hellmun » Fri, 10 May 2002 18:38:27

I have serious problems getting my DELL 2000FP monitor working with my
RedHat 7.3 installation.
It is a 20" TFT (with DVI port).

I have tried to configure the monitor manually using the information on
Nothing seems to work.
I've tried to search the web (google), but I cannot find a solution.

Please help!

Gunnar Hellmund


1. TFT/LCD Monitors - Refresh Rate Problem; break CDE on login?

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Without telnet or a configured tty available, is there any way to interrupt
CDE so I can issue a chvmode command to slow down the refresh rate on the
PCI/VGA card?  I don't have any other monitors laying around.


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