gcc263 can't find standard headers

gcc263 can't find standard headers

Post by Christopher Rip » Sat, 22 Jul 1995 04:00:00

        I just recently got my system running (see why below :]) and I've
run into a small problem.
        I went to compile a program using a makefile, and it _will not_
find the standard header files in /usr/include.  It's spitting a series
of errors (all similar) like this:
In file included from comm.c
/usr/include/errno.h:20:/linux/errno.h  No such file or directory

        I've verified the existence and contents of the headers, and that
they're in the proper location.  I've tried sticking the -I flag in the
CFLAGS in the makefile, but to no avail.

        Is this a problem with my setup? i.e. something didn't quite work
right, or am I missing something obvious?

SETUP: I used the Slackware dist on CD from SYBEX publ. and first tried
to install it on a MSDOS directory.  To all wanting to do this with this
distribution, it doesnt' work!! the setup program doesn't work.  So I
finally put an old 100M HD in and used color144.  That worked :)

        I'll personally bow down and worship anyone who can tell me
what's wrong with my C!!!

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