q:I am not able to install bootloader in redhat

q:I am not able to install bootloader in redhat

Post by Aske Anders » Wed, 02 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am installing Red Hat linux (v4.2) on the 'top' of and old Slackware version.
I have 3 Dos partition an 1 OS/2 partition & the Slackware partition(hda8).
When I try to install the Red Hat pack, it runs fine until I get:
'An error occured during step"install bootloader" of the install'
I try to install the bootloader on a floppydisk - no luck :-(.
If I try to install the bootloader on /hda8 - its the same :-(.

Could anyone help me ?
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Hello all,

I've been trying to install RedHat 5.0 on a notebook but I keep getting problems when I attempt to install the bootloader.  I keep getting "error occurred while installing bootloader" messages.

The notebook:
        Compaq Concerto with 12MB memory
        540 MB Western Digital Hard drive
        I usually try to form three partitions
                / [linux native]
                swap partiton
                /dos [dos partition]

I'm aware of a Linux howto page for notebooks & laptops at www.cs.utexas.edu, but that wasn't of any use.

Any suggestions as to how to get around this problem would be greatly appreciated...

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