Newbie can't access CD druing redhat install

Newbie can't access CD druing redhat install

Post by Leonard Harri » Sat, 01 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Having problem getting off ground w/ redhat 5.1 install.  Can't seem to get
redhat installation pgm to recognize my old Reveal (Goldstar r420) drive.
After selecting 'goldstar' and Autoprobe on install menu, system says it
can't find drive.  Perhaps it requires some option information, but I don't
know the format for entering it.  For example, my system uses 360 for an i/o
address, but entering '360' (w/o quotes)  didn't do the trick (or maybe my
problem has nothing to do with options).

All help appreciated..


Lenny Harris


Newbie can't access CD druing redhat install

Post by Leonard Harri » Sun, 02 Aug 1998 04:00:00

After much poking around in the voluminous (but nicely written) LDP docs, I
found the answer to my problem in the CD-ROM HowTo.  When the installation
app asks for CD-ROM options, I type gscd=0x360 (where 360 is i/o address).
After this, the CD-ROM is accessed just fine.

So now it's on to the next problem (which likely won't take long to
encounter ;-)


1. I install completely from CD, but when I boot I can't access it anymore

Okay first of all I am dual booting linux and win95 using LILO.  The way
I had the computer set up the first time I tried to install linux was
with the drive with win95 as hda, cdrom as hdb, linux drive as hdc, and
an internal zip as hdd.  With this setup LILO couldn't start linux
because the disk was on the second IDE controller as hdc. So I changed
around the cables and put both hard drives on the first IDE controller.
(win95 drive as hda, linux drive as hdb) This worked great, until I
tried to access the cdrom.  When I try to mount the cdrom I get a
message about it being a bad block device.  I have tried making the cd
hdc and hdd, neither works. (But my zip drive works perfectly, although
I don't know why it gets mounted as hdd4 instead of hdd)

What I don't understand is that I installed from the cdrom and it worked
fine then.

I am using Red Hat 5.0.

Thanks for any help,
Brad Fowler

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