PCI Qlogic SCSI Basic ignored by scsi

PCI Qlogic SCSI Basic ignored by scsi

Post by Michael Eg » Tue, 04 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I tried to install Linux with my boot drive attached to
a  PCI Qlogic SCSI Basic  card.  The system tells me
it can't recognize my PCI device.

I've seen this before on my friend's adaptec 2940, but
there is a special boot disk for that card that
recognizes it even after the system sais
it can't recognize the PCI device.

Is there a boot disk or some trick that will allow me
to use my card?  I'm trying to run slackware 3.0.

my system is
2.1 gig quantum scsi
3x NEC CDROM (where I'm going to install from)
PCI Qlogic SCSI Basic  card

-Thanks in advance


1. results QLogic Fast SCSI Basic PCI - AM53C974

To all people having a QLogic Fast SCSI Basic PCI Controller.
Here are my investigation results on using it under Linux:

The SCSI chip on this controller is (compatible with) AM53C974.

Official support starts with kernel version 1.3.59 .

Distributions will probably be updated as soon as kernel
version 1.4.xx is available (in about 1 to 3 months ?).

Updating to newer kernels will only work for
people having already a running linux system.
Others will need a (distribution ?) special installation
kernel / disk(s).

Very intersting hints and pointers can be found on
Klaus Liedl's WWW page:

If anything of the above is not true and you know better,
please post it.

I got my controller to work (with the help of a linux
system installed on an IDE HD) using kernel 1.3.20
and patch AM53C974_0.4.tgz .

Carsten Scholtes

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