Joystick support

Joystick support

Post by Geoff Rober » Sun, 19 Jul 1998 04:00:00


   I was wondering how to get my joystick recognised under Linux.   I
assume under XFree86 I simply need to uncomment the lines relating to the
joystick module.

   I have a Wingman "Extreme" 4 buttons with a hat.




1. Joystick support with PS joystick

I have two PS joystick and my soundcard is AC'97 sound chip on board.
My linux distrio is debian 2.2 and my kernel is 2.2.19.
My sound card works well under linux.

I have tried the setting as follow
# modprobe joystick
this step seems OK.
# modprobe joy-console js_console=0x378,6,6,0,0,0
but it didn't work. Error msg: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect
module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters

My /dev are as follow

/dev/js0 c 13, 0
/dev/js1 c 13, 1
/dev/js2 c 13, 2
/dev/js3 c 13, 3

Thanks a lot

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