Q:sendmail config with SLIP connection

Q:sendmail config with SLIP connection

Post by Rune Gellei » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00


I bought this book that had Red hat 3.0.3 in it.  It installed without
problems on my pentium together with OS/2 and W95.  I then downloaded
the dip-script posted on www.ibm.net, changed the comport and the
telephonenumber and the login name, woala!
When the script exits after the connection is established it answers
with 2 IP adresses.

The problem is that sendmail don't want to send any mail. I haven't
rebuild the kernel since I presume it's OK since I've got as far as I

None of the tools (arena, elm, ftp) seem to know about the established
SLIP connection.  How do I make them use it (most importantly
sendmail/elm) ?



1. SLIP connection config problem

Howdy all.

I have a problem with the configuration of a SLIP
connection between a Windblows client machine and
a Linux machine (Debian 2.0).  The Linux machine
does not recognize backspaces, amonng other special
characters, and when I list files solid rectangle
characters and square brackets are placed before and
after the file names.  This is a pain.  Oh, "other special
characters" includes carriage returns.  

I've tried a variety of modem config, including what should
work for Linux (8 bit, no parity, 1 bit stop). I have also
tried a variety of terminal emulations.  

I hope this is clear. Please help.  I have spent a lot of
time on this.  

Thank you.

Graham Knopp

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