Specific Hardware List - will this work for a business?

Specific Hardware List - will this work for a business?

Post by Ray Ingl » Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:00:00

 I have an opportunity to show the people at work that Linux can be useful in
a work environment. At FANUC Robotics, we typically have to load PCMCIA SRAM
cards with various files. Win 95 has the wrong idea about how such cards
should be formatted, and Win NT, according to my sources, requires a reboot
to use a new card inserted in the drive. The current Frankenstein monster of
a DOS 386 currently used is starting to physically wear out, so Linux has a
window of opportunity.

 We have a candidate machine that we'd like to replace the old one with. The
specs I have been able to gather for the machine are as follows: (acquired
via popping the case and looking at the cards):

 3Com EtherLink III
  -- apparently supported, by the Ethernet HOWTO - anything I should
     watch out for?

 Diamond Viper PCI video card
  -- I dunno about this yet. Again, any warnings?

  -- The PCMCIA interface. Can accept up to two cards, plugs into the ISA
     bus. This is the big question mark - can Linux support such a thing?

 "Flash ATA and SRAM support needed"
  -- Shouldn't be a problem, based on the PCMCIA HOWTO, but what should
     I be concerned about?

 Speed is something of a factor, I think, so I've set the Reply-To: field
above to send email to my work account (we only have email there). Please
send or cc: replies there so I can see them as soon as possible.

 I'd really like to do this, to get Linux more business exposure. I've been
forced to deal with NT lately and I don't wish to be assimilated if I can
help it...


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So far (22April96)...

Advance System Lab      http://www.aslab.com
Apache                  http://www.apache.com
NekoTech                http://www.alphapower.com
Net Express             http://www.tdl.com/~netex
VA Research             http://www.varesearch.com

If you've used (or are using) any of these suppliers, let me know what you

and you're not on the list, drop me a line.

Thanks in advance,
Peter F. Gray

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