PPP dip script for network -> network over modem please?

PPP dip script for network -> network over modem please?

Post by Mike Richards » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

We've set up a small network in our house and want to connect to
our local annex using ppp. At the moment we've got a dip script
that runs CSLIP but we can only have one of our machines connected
at a time. We've just been allocated a block of 16 IP addresses so
figured its about time to have the network connected.

If anyone has done anything like this before and has a ppp dip script
they'd care to send me I'd be grateful. The HOWTO only seems to cover
chat scripts :-(




1. Network Routeing Linux -> HPUX -> PPP -> ISP

I have two computers networked via ethernet using 'fake' ip addresses. One is
linux (linux) and one is home (hpux). I initiate a PPP connection from
the HPUX machine to an ISP and the HP gets assigned an IP address dynanically.
The HP is fine and can do all network related things properly.

The Linux box, can not access the outside world.  Below is the output of
netstat -rn on linux.

The is the 'fake' address of the HPUX Box. Linux is on the same
fake network.  Previously I used TIA (Terminal Internet Adapter) to access the
outside. TIA is pseudo slip. With the TIA connection, the configuration below
allowed both linux and hpux to cruise the net at the same time.  I realize that
with PPP the hpux is for the first time 'really' on the net as its own entity.
How can I give linux network access to the outside, with gated , or perhaps
does the linux box need to have the dynamically assigned ip address in its
routeing table ?  Thanks lak

 Kernel routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref Use    Iface   U     0      0      981 eth0       U     0      0       12 lo         UG    0      0      331 eth0

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