PCMCIA Cardmgr Boot Disk Help Needed

PCMCIA Cardmgr Boot Disk Help Needed

Post by Dominic Clift » Thu, 12 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Right, I;ve got a problem..

The pcmcia root disk supplied with the slackware 96 release does not work with
my laptop, the new version of the pcmcia card services does though. So when
you install linux on the laptop, install pcmcia 2.9.x and reboot it's fine..

But I've just got a new hard disk, so I tar'd my old hd up onto my exabyte
drive and am trying to create a root disk that has the new version of the
pcmcia card services software.

I've done this so far..

Created a bootdisk with lilo using the kernel that I normally use with my

Created an uncompressed copy of the pcmcia boot disk (supplied with slackware

Copied the new parts of the pcmcia software to the disk (files in
/lib/modules/2.0.0/pcmcia/* and /sbin/card*)

rebooted the machine, kernel loads fine, floppy boots ok, but when it comes to
running cardmgr from /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia it comes up with "cardmgr: not found"

just as if the file was a) not executable or b) not present on the floppy.

now i know the file is ok as it works on my hard disk installation
so I was just wondering why it won't run ?  does it need something else to
run? does it have to be in a different binary format ? (if so, what format and
how do I change the binary format ?)



(reply via e-mail as well as newsgroup if possible..)