Error: xterm can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'

Error: xterm can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'

Post by Tmac » Sun, 09 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I just installed XFree86 3.2 over 3.1 and now as soon as I get in X, the
moment I touch the keyboard it either kills the selected windows or, if
LogIn is the active windows, it shuts X down and gives me this message.

Error: xterm can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'

Any help is appreciated!


1. can't resolve symbol 'XkbLookupKeySym'

I have been using linux for about a year and all was working fine till I
got the above error message whenever trying to run some of my programs,
including the gimp and nedit.  It was also happening with xterm but I
played around with the command till got one that worked, so I am at least
somewhat productive.  Upgrading my X did not work.

Any help will be appreciated....


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