Man Pages non-existent after 3.0 Setup

Man Pages non-existent after 3.0 Setup

Post by srad.. » Tue, 26 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have setup Sloackware 3.0 on two different systems with two
different source CDs.  When I do any man commands, I get back:

        sh:  /usr/bin/gtbl:  No such file or directory
        sh:  /usr/bin/groff:  No such file or directory

I have successfully setup Slackware 2.3 without problems.  What
did I do wrong?

        Steve Radoff


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Hi there,

One one of our RS/6000's there is ( after a crash ) an entry for a second
paging volume.

Normaly it is hd6 only but now a hd61 is appearing.

lsps -la gives:

lsps -a gives :

Page Space  Physical Volume   Volume Group    Size   %Used  Active  Auto  Type
0516-010 lslv: Volume group must be varied on; use varyonvg command.
hd6         hdisk0            rootvg          96MB      22     yes   yes    lv

The hd61 volume is NOT on disk ( lspv -p ) and cannot be removed from the

So, I think somewhere in the system there is an entry for a second paging
space named hd61, but it is not on the system.

Question : How to remove the reference to the non-existent hd61 ??

thanks in advance,

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