PCMCIA Modem Problem

PCMCIA Modem Problem

Post by Ryan » Thu, 01 Oct 1998 04:00:00


Thanks for all your help for helping me get X-windows up and running, now
the only problem is my pcmcia card .. I can't get it working, I downloaded
the latest pcmcia card manager and installed it, but I don't know if it
detects the modem or something, and it won't dial with my PPP account. If
someone knows how to set it up properly please
respond. .. Thank You



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here we go again with another PCMCIA question (looks like PCMCIA
and Linux are two worlds ...)

I just got a *really cheap* 28.8 PCMCIA Modem and found it was worth
to try if this piece of shit won't work under linux, and guess ...
it doesn't!

My "What Is iNside"-operation system (WIN95 ;-) told me that the
ActionTec Modem uses IO 03E8 and IRQ 10. Hmm that's not the
configuration setserial told me for /dev/cua2 (that runs under IRQ 3
and some other port and uart values).
So I changed them with setserial command, but after a try with
minicom the modem still didn't respond at all. But I already was
able to run another 14.4 modem (which I borrowed some days ago) and
therefore the PCMCIA configuration (modules, cardmgr) under my
RedHat 4.0 installation looks okay.

Has someone a glue on that, or do I have to line up in the
post Christmas exchange queues in a couple of days ???

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all!


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