CD-ROM and HDD Probs

CD-ROM and HDD Probs

Post by Rodd Snoo » Wed, 08 May 1996 04:00:00

I have recently installed linux (slackware release) on my PC
It refuses to recognise my CD-ROM drive (a hex-speed SoundBlaster)
I'm currently booting from DOS using loadlin - and have tried passing
the address and type of the drive as arguments. It doesn't work.

Also, I have two HDD's in my PC. Linux is running off the secondary
drive (a WD 340Mb) but I would like to access the DOS partitions of
my primary HDD (a WD 1.2Gb). My BIOS requires sector translation which
means it tells Linux there are 64 heads on my drive. If I pass the true
config. to loadlin (using hd=.....) it screws up the other drive.

Can anyone help me ??

Thanks in advance...
    Rodd Snook


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Can anyone recommend a PCI IDE controller that works well with both hard
drives and ATAPI devices (CD-ROMs & CD-R/Ws)?

I have found that the VIA controller built in to my motherboard has
"issues" with CCDA extraction.  With some drives, extraction won't work
at all; nothing happens except an endless series of lost interrupts.
With other drives, extraction works fine with some CDs; with other CDs,
however, cdparanoia produces a '+' symbol in every position -- whatever
that means.

Audio ripping seems to work much better with drives attached to a
Promise Ultra100 -- both drives that don't work at all on the VIA
controller and those CDs that produce nothing but '+' symbols.  The
problem with using the Promise controller, however, is that DMA doesn't
work at all for ATAPI devices.

So can anyone suggest a controller where things just work the way
they're supposed to (and, dare I say it, the way they do under Windows
NT 4.0)?



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