Keyboard configuration "Tab and ESC keys"

Keyboard configuration "Tab and ESC keys"

Post by Jeff » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hello Folks,

    I have installed Linux on a Toshiba Laptop Satellite 210CS and
everything works great...  :-) However, my girlfriend put some water few
months ago on the keyboard and the TAB and ESC keys didn't work

    How can I map alternate keys to TAB and ESC ? For instance, let's
say I want ALT-A mapped to TAB and ALT-Z mapped to ESC ?

Thanks a lot for your help !!



1. Extend Keyboard keys: (sound up/down, the "Dell" button, "Play"....)

I have a Dell Insperon 8000 laptop.  I'd like to use some of the special
keys to do something useful under linux....   Example:  I'd like to make
the Volume-Up and Volume-Down actually control the sound level....

I'm almost positive these are all just keys, and not hard-wired to control
the sound level, because they don't work under linux!?  Is this a valid

I did a `showkey -s`   and found this:

Key Name                Down Event      Up Event
----------      ------------    ----------
Play/Pause      0E  01          0E  81
Stop            0E  02          0E  82
Rewind          0E  03          0E  83
Fast Forward    0E  04          0E  84

*note:  The Play/Pause button doubles as the "Dell `E`" Button, and the
Stop button is the "i" or "info" (I'm assuming the implyed "info")

But the Volume-UP/Down keys do not seem to generate scan codes,  Is there
some other way to use them?  (If so, then how do they work under windows?)

Now that i found these scan codes, what do i do with them?


Lowell C. Alleman

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