installing redhat5.2 on compaq contura

installing redhat5.2 on compaq contura

Post by Doug Hugh » Sun, 14 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I've been having a few interesting problems installing on a Compaq contura 430
1) No boot floppy/rescue disk will work (even with floppy=thinkpad)
It says loading linux, and then about 3 seconds later, boot failed. I've
tried debian tecra and safe disks as well. Same result.

I 'can' boot from the install.boot stuff under DOS. that works fine.
I can install everything from the CD. that works okay too.

I cannot however, make a boot/rescue disk after the install is done. That
does not work. It just tells me it failed without any hint as to why.
I cannot install the loader either. I imagine the complicating factor
here is the compaq diagnostics stuff is on partition 3, win95 is on partition
1, redhat is on partition 5 and swap on 6. I've tried to install the boot
loader on 5 and 1 (the only options I get). It tells me failed in either

I can see that everything is installed if I boot using install.boot and
get a shell later in the process. I've tried loadlin to, but to no avail
thus far. (probably lack of improper argument sequence.

I could live without the boot block if I had a reliable way to boot up
using the install/rescue disk. Anybody have any hints on this one?
(Checked a whole bunch of laptop and other FAQs already)

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With the 4.0 pre-release from the ISO image of 2-9-2000:

The problem seems to be that with the PCMCIA floppy having to be swapped
out after booting for my NEC (Adaptec 146x according to Linux - that
works when I use loadlin to boot from DOS-based linux kernel to start
its installation) PCMCIA SCSI card (when the installation tells me it's
my "last chance" to do such a swap before proceeding), the card and/or
SCSI CD ROM drive don't get picked up.  When I try to pick CDROM for
installation media, it says none found.

BTW,  I've never gotten a network install to offer a choice of my
network card with 3.1, 3.3, 3.4 or 4.0 on any of several machines - it
always only offers serial or parallel connections even though I see the
probe register the regualar ethernet card (on desktop boxes - I don't
really expect it to pick up my noname PCMCIA on this Aero when RH 6.1
Linux couldn't detect it ;-).

I also have the "bin" install directory on my DOS D: partition, but have
forgotten the BSDish nomenclature to find it in D:\FREEBSD\BIN (if
anyone feels it simpler to explain rather than how to deal with the
PCMCIA floppy-to-SCSI swap ;-)

Any suggestions appreciated - I would like to give FreeBSD a try on this
handy little notebook.


Rory O'Connor -
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a t  a t t g l o b a l
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