root problems

root problems

Post by Ort » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a weird problem that is driving me nuts. As 'root' when I envoke
'mc' in a terminal or the gnome file manager, even in an emacs dir
listing or search, I expect as in the past, that I start at the top of
the root directory.

It seems something happened because I'm stuck starting in
/etc/sysconfig. As a 'user' no such problem.

What happened and how can I fix this.

thanks jullian


1. Logitech mouse and /root problems and Monitor problems

1. My Logitech three-button serial mouse is installed on COM1 (/dev/cua0 also
linked to /dev/mouse), and my Xconfig has entries specifying that I am using
a Logitech mouse, that it's on /dev/cua0 (I've also tried /dev/mouse), and
that the baudrate is 9600 and the sample rate is 150. When I run X, the
mouse acts erratically (Seems like the sample rate is like once per
20 seconds, and never moves in the correct direction, and the mouse buttons
don't work). Anybody have any ideas how to fix this?

2. My whole file system is mounted on / as well as /root. My /etc/fstab file
has no entry telling it to mount it there. Anyone know about how this
happened, and how to fix it?

3. I used the entries from Xconfig.sample for my Diamond Speedstar + w/
1 meg of RAM and my Gateway 2000 CrystalScan 1024 NI monitor, yet
when I start X, the monitor seems to be knocked out by it (i.e. makes
popping noise, and goes blank). When I turn it off and on again, no
problemo, but why is it going out?

thanks in advance!

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