linux sound pas16 being cutoff

linux sound pas16 being cutoff

Post by be » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00

linux kernel 2.0.29 (slackware 3.2 distr)
pro audio spectrum 16 (basic version)

I can cat /dev/sndstat fine and send files to the /dev/audio and
/dev/dsp.  Tried playing Quake2 and it worked fine :), however I am
having problems running applications like x11amp.  

Everytime I send files to /dev/audio or /dev/dsp, a .wav for example,
it never finishes playing the entire file.  I have no problems with
sending it to /dev/audio1 (the soundblaster partion of the card), and
it will completely play the file.  Why is there a difference for
/dev/audio (the pas part)?  

At first I thought it was an irq conflict or dma problem so I removed
soundblaster support and used the sb settings (dma,irq) for my pas.
No go, same problem.  This is starting to annoy me; any help would be
greatly appreciated.


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