Compilation error while rebuilding 1.2.13 elf

Compilation error while rebuilding 1.2.13 elf

Post by Clifford Beshe » Sat, 04 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I get the following errors while trying to reconfigure my kernel. I
can do make, but when I try make zImage, I get the following errors.
build.c compiles to an object file alright, but does not link.

I built a kernel successfully before with this same installation.
I've upgraded to a pentium in the meantime, and I'm merely trying to
add SCSI/PCI support.

I can't find the __sF anywhere but in the object file.  Ideas?

Here is the tail end of the compilation:

make[2]: Leaving directory
gcc -I/os2/linuxelf-1.2.13/include -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -O2
ter -pipe -m486 -D__BFD__ -o tools/build tools/build.c
/tmp/cca039191.o(.text+0x6b): undefined reference to `__sF'
/tmp/cca039191.o(.text+0x197): undefined reference to `__sF'
/tmp/cca039191.o(.text+0x2a4): undefined reference to `__sF'
/tmp/cca039191.o(.text+0x481): undefined reference to `__sF'
/tmp/cca039191.o(.text+0x557): undefined reference to `__sF'
/tmp/cca039191.o(.text+0x5d6): more undefined references to `__sF'
make[1]: *** [tools/build] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/os2/linuxelf-1.2.13/arch/i386/boot'
make: *** [zImage] Error 2

Thanks, Cliff
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