problems with sycos 3buttons mouse and X11

problems with sycos 3buttons mouse and X11

Post by Alexandre Mola » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

i have a problem with my mouse and X11 (i have the last version of
My mouse it's the Sycos mouse, a 3 buttons mouse, compatible with the
usual logitech 3 buttons mouse.
I want to use the 3buttons with X11, so in my XF86Config i have set
my mouse to be a MouseMan. (with no emulation of the 3rd button).
But in X11, the 3rd button doesn't work !
any1 knows why ?


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Well I have tried all I can think of now it is time to come to the wizards
of comp.os.linux.x
I have a Mouse Systems 3 button mouse with the switch on the base to select
between 2 or 3 buttons.  It runs off of com1 and works fine in dos.  I
installed the march 95 slackware linux and everything works except for my
mouse in x.  I tried gpm and it works fine on the console.  When I start x
though the X cursor sits locked in the middle of the screen.  In setup i
have chosen mouse systems on com port 1.  In xf86config I did the same.  I
have tried enabling and disabling ClearDTR and RTS without any luck.  I
read something about making sure there isn't a getty on the console...I
don't understand this and was wondering if someone could explain or if
anyone has any other clues as what to try.  I am using /dev/mouse and have
tried linking it to ttyS0, ttyS1 but no luck...x bombs when i try setting
it to cua0 or cua1.  One other question...after I make a change via the
setup script do I need to reboot for the changes to take effect?


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