Emacs-20.2 hangs in RedHat 5.0 alpha

Emacs-20.2 hangs in RedHat 5.0 alpha

Post by Peter Galbrai » Sat, 30 May 1998 04:00:00

Emacs-20.2 hangs ramdomly in RedHat 5.0 on an alpha-based machine.
Has anyone experienced this?  Is emacs the problem on alpha?  Or libc6-based
RedHat 5.0?

(I had no such problems running emacs-20.2 on intel-based Debian 1.3

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1. emacs-20.4 and AIX-4.2: some solution

Hi all,

Generally it is a bad habit to answer one's own questions.
This answer is (fortunately only partly) my own answer on
my own question.

Problem was:
Building emacs-20.4 on AIX- results in a core-dumping

Searching deja.com I came upon a few alike things and tried
the following:

I copied src/unexaix.c of the xemacs-21.1.6 distribution over
the one of emacs-20.4. This did not compile and I still do
not know why........next I edited this unexaix.c such that
it read:
int unexec (new_name, a_name, data_start, bss_start, entry_address)
     char *new_name, *a_name;
     unsigned data_start, bss_start, entry_address;

and not:
int unexec (char *new_name,
        char *a_name,
        uintptr_t data_start,
        uintptr_t bss_start,
        uintptr_t entry_address)

Then it compiled and I get a working emacs.

If anyone knows why this editing was necessary I would be
very curious about it.


Mazzel, cheers, bye, tabe, moi, tot ziens, have a nice day,
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