callback, ppp, and morning-afters

callback, ppp, and morning-afters

Post by Rudolph Pienaa » Thu, 09 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi all -

I've been trying (with no real success) to get callback working on my
RedHat 5.0 system.

My employer offers callback, and I have confirmed under 95 that it does
indeed work. I dial in to the callback number, log in, the remote
machine hangs up, phones back, the modem answers, I log in again, and am
up and running.

Under Linux, however, I suspect that somewhere along the line I launch
pppd with the wrong command line arguments...

Anway, this is how far I get:


With kppp I can access the normal dailin services with no problem. I set
up a simple script within kppp that sends my login and password, set
some other miscellaneous parameters, and I can dialin simply. With
callback, I've gotten kppp to dialin properly, send the login info, wait
for the return call, and then answer. Strangely enough, it seems that
when kppp answers, the first thing it does is reset the modem again...
gets confused, and then tries to dial my office machine again... :-(


With minicom I can dailin, do the prelim login,  wait for the return
call, and login again. Everything seems fine. I get a `packet mode
enabled' message, and the terminal screen fills with binary data. I then
exit minicom without reset, and start pppd manually... (pppd -detach
defaultroute&) The same binary data then scrolls across my xterm. In
/var/log/messages I see pppd start up, give one or two messages, then
time out with an `LCP timeout during config request' or something like

ppp-on / chat:

I've also tried the *basic* method of shell scripts and chat, using the
examples under /usr/doc/ppp*/scripts. As is, these scripts don't seem to
work. I've tried to hack them, but under /var/log/messages the furthest
I've gotten is seeing chat send an ATZ to the modem, give an expect(OK)
(or something like that) and then eventually time out.

I'm pretty much at my wits end. Any help/solutions/pointers or
commisseration would be much appreciated.


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Rudolph Pienaar
Network Security/Cryptography - Development Engineer
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Pretoria, South Africa


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