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I have a problem with the timezone information and wether it
should be displayed in local time or GMT.
As root the time is correct, but as a normal user the difference
is excactly 2 hours:

 Thu Apr  3 10:51:02 MET DST 1997


 Thu Apr  3 08:51:07 GMT 1997

Also I want to set the time automatically by nist.
Here are the lines in cron.daily.local:

 /usr/bin/nist -t -q -h
 sleep 2
 /sbin/clock -w

Can anyone tell me, what's going wrong, where I can correct this
or where I can find appropriate documentation.

Thanx in advance
Ullmann Stephan      


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Can anybody explain me, how to set timezone information on Linux?
First, I simple set TZ environment variable - no effect,
after I try to play with settimeofday. Sure it set desired time,
but not timezone.

Really this is the honor for me to live near London, but
please bring me back to Idaho :)

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