Wyse WY-995 anyone seen one used under linux ??

Wyse WY-995 anyone seen one used under linux ??

Post by loui » Sat, 11 May 1996 04:00:00

Wyse WY-995 8 port inteligent multiuser card.

I have drivers for Xenix & MS-DOS : can i use them
under Linux ???

Im still trying to find a Xenix Filesystem support
driver or kernal any sugestions ??

Is there any chance of writing support for it my
self for use with linux ??



1. Drivers to mount a Xenix file system ???? // Wyse WY-995 8 port Serial Interface , Linux driver ?

Hi Linux People ,

I'm a real lamer when it comes to Unix systems but
I am learning , i have a small problem I have read
in the book that you can mount a floppy disk as
diferent types of file systems , it mentioned that
it could mount a xenix file system but there dosent
seem to be support in the kernal for it ?

Does this meen i need to upgrade to another kernel
or find a driver for xenix file systems ?

The reason that this is important is i have a disk
that has xenix drivers for a bit of hardware i just
hammered into a card slot .. and i have know idea
how to get it going , i thought a look at the zenix  
disk that came with it might help ...

If you happen to be wondering what the card does so
am i , but im led to believe that its a 8 port
serial card for Wyse terminals ... I have been
unable to loacte a technical support company for
Wyse in Australia that knows anything about them..
The card is an Wyse Technologies WY-995 Inteligent
Multiuser Interface Board , well if you have any
sugestions , i would love to hear from you..
regards louie..

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