Lockup on AST 950

Lockup on AST 950

Post by Bill Whitin » Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have copied Linux onto an AST-950. I couldn't install since I don't
have access to a CD.  I booted from floppies, and formated the disk, and
copied the most of the files through sneakernet (floppies).  The system
boots OK, but if I'm running on the battery, it will invariably lock up
after a few minutes.  I can't switch consoles, no keystrokes are
recognized, not even a three finger salute.  If I run on AC, then it
seems to run OK.  

Does anyone else have experience with Linux on this type of laptop?

Bill Whiting


1. Screen Lockup on AST 950 Laptop

I'm a happy owner of an AST 950N, too. I also expirience that loockup,
but only if I'm running in that power savings mode. What happens is that
the keyboard and the mouse lock up, the HD spins up from time to
time due to bdflush (I guess). To avoid that simply press Fn+F4, the
"turbo" mode switch (the cpu runs always the same speed). Then your
machine runs just fine on batteries, for quite some time (I'm very
happy with the time the battery lasts.)

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