modules not found 2.0.29

modules not found 2.0.29

Post by Phillip Douglas Park » Thu, 13 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Ok what I did was rename my /lib/modules to /lib/modules.old
before I executed
make modules and make modules_install...

My kernel 2.0.29 works like a charmm.... I suggest you try it :)


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1. modules not found 2.0.29


I downloaded the 2.0.29 kernal from

After compiling,lilo, etc. etc. I reboot and get error that ppp, slip, lp, and my
ethernet card's modules cant be found.

At sunsite I see modules-2.0.0.tar.gz but no modules-2.0.29.tar.gz so I assume the
2.0.0 is the one to use ???

I got this and did make modules and make modules_install but it never puts the
four modules I mentioned above into /lib/modules.  It does create a 2.0.29 dir in
/lib/modules but its empty ???

Where can I get the 2.0.29 modules?  Anyone who did a 2.0.29 did I do something wrong?


p.s. fortuneately I kept my old vmlinuz.2.0.27 so I just renamed it to vmlinuz, reran
lilo and I am back up in 2.0.27

p.s.s. this is a step by step on what I did
/usr/src/linux# make config
/usr/src/linux# make dep
/usr/src/linux# make clean (do you need this for 2.0.29???)
/usr/src/linux# make zdisk
/usr/src/linux# make modules
/usr/src/linux# make modules_install
cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage /vmlinuz  

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