Upgrading suse 5.2 with kde 1.0 to kde 1.0

Upgrading suse 5.2 with kde 1.0 to kde 1.0

Post by Ray » Wed, 02 Jun 1999 04:00:00

On the June CD is kde 1.1 as source tar files.

Can I just install the base system and apps overwtiting the existing files
and then install the suse rpms for the underdevelopment rpms on suse cd.
Will suse detect dependacies as fulfilled if I do this.

Alternatively. I want this for the mod player. I downloaded this and tried
to compile it for redhat but it refued. Make generated a load of error
I must have the files needed to compile as I did a full install and packages
like xzx and snes9x compile and install ok. Anyone got this working
succesfully or can tell me what may be going wrong


1. SuSE 5.2 and KDE 1.0

I am running KDE 1.0 under SuSE 5.2 with limited success.

The whole environment boots fine and I can run all X apps and many K apps
(kedit, control panel) etc.


many Kapps fail to install using rpm and return the following message :

libkdeui.s0.0 is needed by ......
libkdecore.so.0 is needed by .......

Any idease please cc me and the newsgroup

Noel D

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