Help needed: EEPro10 card not recognized

Help needed: EEPro10 card not recognized

Post by Vitit Kantabutr » Thu, 16 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have a Pentium 200 with an Intel EEPro 10 card, which is supposed to
be supported by my Redhat 5.0.  The card worked when I had Redhat 4.2,
and still does on the Win95 side.  But now that I've upgrade Linux to
Redhat 5.0, the network is no longer reachable --  When I tried to
"ping," I received the error message "Network is unreachable."  Also,
eth0 would not be activated upon bootup even though I thought I set it
to activate at bootup.

I tried configuring my card according to RadHat's faq #195, but that
didn't work at all.

Also, when I pressed the "activate" button in the network configurator,
it would say that the eth0 interface is activated.  But in fact the
network would still be unreachable.

I also tried upgrading the kernel to 2.0.32, but that didn't change
anything.  Recompiling that kernel alway gives me something greater than
1 meg, which is too big for lilo to handle.  I don't understand that
problem either, since I didn't choose anything that would make the
kernel bigger than the default of 400,000 or so bytes.  In fact, I said
"no" to some of the options, and really don't think I changed any "m" or
"n" to "y"!

Anyway, thanks in advance.


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