Refresh rates and screen size

Refresh rates and screen size

Post by Adam Quin » Wed, 20 Mar 2002 15:09:50

I recently installed the Libranet flavor of Linux.  It has KDE and a bunch
of other interfaces.  However, I cannot find out how to change the
resolution beyond 640 by 480.  I have a Viewsonic 17" monitor, voodoo3 3000
video card with 8 MB.  I really want to drop Windows, but sheesh.... this is
nuts!  There is nearly nothing that I have learned from 15 years of MS that
helps me here.  I am trying to be patient, but changing the resolution can't
be that tough!  Can some one please tell me what it's called in Linux?  It
is clearly not properties, adapter... refresh rates!

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I have just helped a friend install Linux on his PC but we are having trouble getting
the system to work well at anything about 640x480.

The graphics card is a Voodo 3 2000 and the Monitor is a
Hightech International Trading KT81-144C/8M (sold by Escom as part
of a PC bundle, now out of business).  We tried to find specs on
the momitor so we could tell X the relavent frequencies but it was supplied
without a manual and web searches by model number and for the manufacturer

We know the monitor is capable of 1024x768 as that is what is is set to in
windows, but we haven't found a way to get windows to tell us the refresh
rate being used.

In the absense of other info we tried guessing the parameters and we get
a picture which is verticallt too small.  So...

1. Does anyone have any spec. for the above monitor.
2. Is the too small picture the result of a too fast vertical refresh?
3. If so, what is a good guess as to what vertical refresh rate this monitor could do?


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