Intel EtherExpress Pro 10+

Intel EtherExpress Pro 10+

Post by Gary Groba » Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:00:00

During the install (RedHat 5.0) I was asked if I had a network card
present.  I answered yes.  Autoprobe did not find the card on several
attempts.  The card functions under NT4.0/Win95/DOS.  I also tried
several other cards from PRO100B to the EtherExpress16.
After installation I went through the procedures laid out in the
installation guide starting in section 9.0.  When I try to configure
the Kernel in section 9.6 Kernel Daemon Configuration the changes
don't stick.  I'm entering the following info for the Intel
EtherExpress Pro 10+:  io=0x220 and irq . ( I have tried other
combinations as well).  I press "Restart kernel" before quitting.
When I edit/view conf.modules I find no information.  When I reopen
the kernel Daemon no info is present.    


1. Install Intel EtherExpress Pro 10/10+ ISA card on Redhat 6.1 ---Please help


I installed RedHat 6.1 on my PC(dual boot 98/Linux). Everything is fine
exception the RedHat can't recognize my ethernet card( Intel
EtherExpress ISA Pro 10/10+). The card works fine in 98.

During the installation, RedHat couldn't detect my card at all. So I
tried to load it manually. I tried two ways:
1. I put ether=5,0x210,0,0,eth0 ( the conf in my 98) in lilo.conf, then
reboot the machine. During the boot, lilo couldn't start eth0.
2. I run lsmod, I found nothing there. I do have
/lib/modules/2.2.12-20/net/eexpro.o file, so I said insmod eexpro. The
linux hangs forever. I have to power off the machine.

What did I do wrong? Please help!


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