help! setting up chat/dip

help! setting up chat/dip

Post by root » Tue, 30 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I am having severe problems getting a chat or dip script to work.  I am
able to establish a PPP link between my computer and the computer at
college manually, i.e. I use seyon to dial in and logon, then I type
pppd /dev/cua3 crtscts defaultroute       to get PPP up and running,
this all works fine.

If I try using the ppp-on script I get nothing, the modem doesn't even
dial out.  Looking at my /var/adm/messages I find "serial line is looped
back" followed by "connection terminated".  I have also a DIP script
which seems to dial out, and logon to the host computer o.k.  but when I
try to get PPP running at my end I get "device cua3 locked by pid xxx"
where xxx is the pid of DIP, basically the I can't start PPP and one of
the computer (I don't know which one) hangs up.

Any help would by appreciated.