Linux <--> Win 95 help

Linux <--> Win 95 help

Post by Dolomi » Sun, 20 Oct 1996 04:00:00

What I want to do is the following:
I have one computer running windows 95 and another computer is the linux
box. What I want to do is connect them together via ethernet. First, is
this possible, and if so what access will I have to my linux box (linux
box being the server). Now I want to be able to access the internet on
my win 95 computer through the linux box, and I only get one IP address
when I connect to my ISP. Would you use IP masquerading or set the linux
box as a firewall or how would I do it. Any help would be appriciated

Mike Lowrie


1. LILO help <><><><><><>

I just installed RH6 on a box that only had a 50MB DOS partition to
begin with.
During the RH install, I used Disk Druid to set up additional
partitions as follows:
/       ~1 GB
swap    ~40 MB
/usr    ~500 MB
/boot   ~10 MB

When prompted, I told it to install LILO into the "/boot" partition.

Upon restarting the system after the install, it booted into DOS again
from my origional active DOS partition.

I tried booting from the emergency rescue disk that I was prompted to
create during the install, but it gives me an error "0x10" and stops.

I can boot using the RH "boot.img" boot disk, hitting F4, and then
inserting the "rescue.img" disk made from dosutils on the RH CD, but I
have no idea what to do from there.

I want to make the thing boot with LILO and ask whether to start DOS or
boot Linux (as default). I realize now that I probably shoud've just
told it to install LILO into the MBR.

Please tell me there is an easy/painless way to get LILO to do this
without re-installing totally.

Please respond via Email to:  jack972 [<at>] netzero [<dot>] net

Many thanks!

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