Can't print postscript (epson stylus 600,gs 5.10)

Can't print postscript (epson stylus 600,gs 5.10)

Post by Glen » Wed, 30 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I'm at a loss as to why I am unable to print postscript files on my
Redhat 5.1 system and ghostscript 5.10 using an Epson Stylus Color 600.
I have setup three different printers using the Redhat printtool
interface. I have verified the printer drivers are sane, the spool
directories are set up and that printcap is correct. I have lpt1 using
/dev/lp1 on LPT1 using ECP.

What I can print:

- Ascii files, using printtool test and from 'lpr testdoc'
- postscript files as long as I do it from the command line,e.g.,

What I can't print:

I can't print any test files in Redhat printtool for postscript.
I can't print any files running, e.g., 'lpr -Plp_ps' or 'lpr'

When I attempt to run a postscript job my printer light blinks once but
I get no prints. When I check the spool director for the printer,
/var/spool/lpd/lp_ps for example, I have three files that agree with the
time that the print job was sent such as:

File Name Contents

.seg  021

lock  535

status  lp_ps is ready and printing

Other Info:

lpd is started when the kernel (2.0.35) is loaded.
lpq lists no jobs running after unsuccessful attempts.
No jobs are run when I reboot.
gs --version lists gs 5.10.
ghostview works fine, displaying ps files.
I have verified the Redhat printer rpm files with "rpm -V
My printer port in the BIOS is LPT1 of type ECP.
I have also tried the setup from
I have read all of the HowTo's and man pages, etc.
Pentium 133 with 96 meg ram.

I have seen other posts and have information on using APSfilter and
magicfilter but have seen others that seem to be having good luck with
Redhat's printtool and ghostscript 5.10. Since I can't get printtool to
even run a successful test, I'm reluctant to load anything else on quite
yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?



Can't print postscript (epson stylus 600,gs 5.10)

Post by Kurt Wa » Sun, 04 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Glenn pleaded:
%I'm at a loss as to why I am unable to print postscript files on my
%Redhat 5.1 system and ghostscript 5.10 using an Epson Stylus Color 600.
%I have setup three different printers using the Redhat printtool
[snip printing woes]

Here are a couple of links that should help you.  I used them,
and my Epson Stylus Color 600 prints like a champ.



     Get ghostscript 5.10 (the Aladdin version), and make sure
         it has the upp driver.  Precompiled ones ought to, but you
         can compile it yourself if you want.  The following command
         filters PostScript to 720dpi ESC2 which you can feed directly
         to the printer:

There is also an Epson Stylus HOWTO at:

A great source for RPMs that already have ESC support is:
-or is it-

Read the README files.

This RPM includes Epson Stylus drivers up to 1440 dpi as well as
several HP drivers not found in the standard Ghostscript
distribution. Some of the HP printers these work on are the HP 500,
500C, 510, 520, 540, 550C, 560C, 670, 690, 820C, 850C, 855C, 870, 890,
1100 and 1600 as well as all PCL-3 printers tested.  There are lots of
docs for these drivers and a man page for the hpdj driver.
This RPM includes all the post release patches up to and including
June 26 1998. This RPM also includes support for True Type fonts. See
the file fonts.txt for instructions.

Some of the included drivers drivers are:

vgalib : vga consoles
lvga256: vga consoles
stcolor: Epson Stylus
uniprint: Epson Stylus Color, Canon BJC 610, HP-Deskjet 550c, NEC

Run "gs -h" to see the full list of drivers. The files devs.mak,
devices.txt and use.txt hold information on the included drivers and
using the program.

Some great instructions for configuring your ESC come from Rod

1) Grab the Ghostscript 5.10 RPMs from
   Install them.
2) Edit the /var/spool/lpd/{spoolname}/postscript.cfg file so that the
   GSDEVICE line reads 'GSDEVICE=uniprint' and the EXTRA_GS_OPTIONS line

   720x1440 dpi.
3) If desired, create additional print queues with other names, and
   specify different .upp files in postscript.cfg for different
   resolutions.  Three are supplied for the ESC 600 with Ghostscript 5.10.
4) The color curves in the .upp files for at least some Epson printers are
   off.  I don't recall the details, but if you're dissatisfied with the
   color balance on your color printouts, try swapping the color curves in
   the .upp files (these are the blocks of lines with names like
   '-dupCyanTransfer=' and a bunch of numbers.  I think it's cyan and
   magenta that need to be swapped, but it might be yellow and one of the
   others.  I might also be thinking of the ESC 800's color curves, so
   this may not apply to you, though of course you can still fiddle with
   these curves if you don't like the color balance you get on your
Rod Smith
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I beleive I can play with the transfer functions in the .upp definition but
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