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I am trying to setup a news server on a local area network.
The news server (hostname BETA) is a linux box (version 1.1.91).
The client (name ALPHA) is a PC running CHAMELEON for Windows.
When I make a connection to the server, I get the following messages:
On the client computer:
502 BETA NNTP server can't talk to you. Goodbye.
On the server (logfile) :
BETA in.nntpd : connect from ALPHA
BETA nntpd : ALPHA connect
BETA nntpd : ALPHA refused connection.

The files /etc/inetd.conf, /etc/services, /usr/local/lib/news/nntp_access and
/etc/nntp.sys seem correct (to me) and correspond to the content found in
the NNTP description (Networks administrator's guide).

Could you give some advice to solve my problem ?


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