2 problems, lp, and irq's(9)

2 problems, lp, and irq's(9)

Post by Gene Hesket » Sun, 18 Feb 2001 14:01:03

Hi all;

Problem #1, can't print, no perms until I set the x perm on /dev/lp-lp0
etc.  On reboot, kudzu? screams about that and wants to set them back to
just r/w.  If I let it, then I can't print.

Problem #2, dmesg contains warnings about conflicts in the 'pirq' table,
always reported just after a device that uses that irq has been
scanned.  Those devces are an advansys scsi card, and a Maxtor ATA-100
(PDC) IDE card.  FWIW, both *seem* to be working just fine.

System is RH7.0 with all updates, 2.4.2pre4 kernel, 128M of ram.
And currently installed printer daemon is LPRng-3.24, not the llatest
one as installing that removes /etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd for some unknown
reason (along with /bin/lpd) and then I really can't print.


Cheers, Gene

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