Red Hat installation problem - newbie

Red Hat installation problem - newbie

Post by Edmo » Fri, 15 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I would suggest investing in PartitionMagic 4.0, which comes with
BootMagic.  This will help you setup the partitions and run all three
operating systems. I use it now on a 10.1 GB drive to run Win98 and
Linux - it works great.  (PM4.0 is made by PowerQuest, runs under Win98
- you can find it for a reasonable price at your local CompUSA or

Troy Carter

Don't use PM4.0 thought, especially the bootmagic, there are bugs in it
depending your computer.

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1. Red Hat 7.1 - Installing Red Hat packages after Red Hat is already installed.

How can I install packages that I forgot to install with the Red Hat
7.1 installation?

Here's my problem:
Various pieces of Red Hat keep saying that I am missing a file and
that it needs to be installed with a certain package (namely most of
the Kontrol Panel).  But I have been unsuccessful at finding where
this is done.  I am still a newbie with Linux, but I would assume that
there should be an "Add/Remove Programs" equivalent with Linux.

Please help!

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