RH Linux 5.0: startx doesn't work w/o network

RH Linux 5.0: startx doesn't work w/o network

Post by FB » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00

On a GW2000 solo 9100 laptop I installed RH Linux 5.0 on recently, the
startx worked fine when the PCMCIA ethernet card was on the network but
all I got when I did 'startx' without the network plugged in was the
gray screen with the tiny 'x' in the middle, and it just hung there.
Works fine when on the net, gets stuck without it.  

What should I do to make startx give me the windows at ALL times,
network plugged in or not?   Most of the time the network will not
be plugged in (modem instead or just standalone).

Thanks to anyone who can advise.



1. Tulip Driver worked under RH 5.0, doesn't under 5.2 or SuSE 5.2, any ideas?

I have been using RH Linux on a Compaq with an onboard DEC 23x4x something
or other.  It was automatically recognized  by the kerner and the tulip
driver was loaded for it.  Been running for months.  I upgraded my system to
RH 5.2, and the card is no longer recognized.  I tried to pass the IRQ and
Memory settings to the kernel, but it was still not recognized.  SuSE,
recognized it as a Compaq Netelligent 10/100 PCI which would be fine if it
worked.  I can go down the path of finding the differences between the 5.0
tulip driver and the 5.2 driver, but If anyone has done this already, or run
into this problem, I would appreciate any information.  Thanks

Brian Sutterfield

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