Dos/os2/Linux and 2 hd's one 850, and one 425

Dos/os2/Linux and 2 hd's one 850, and one 425

Post by Ryan Langfor » Fri, 11 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I am attempting to load Linux, OS/2, and dos/Windoze on my system.  I
have one 850 mb wd Harddrive, and one conner 425 mb drive.  My system
does not support EIDE, so I must use the Ontrack Disk Manager Software,
ehich gives Linux fits, because the drive has over 1024 cylinders.  I
want, ideally each OS to have 425mb of space total, and use Boot Manager
if at all possible.  Should I mess with my 850mb drive in the bios to try
to please linux and os/2 andkeep dos and windoze on my 425mb drive or
what? If any of you have tried such a feat., please let me know how you
did it.  

Thanks in advance, and please post here and mail me at

          Ryan Langford


Dos/os2/Linux and 2 hd's one 850, and one 425

Post by Martin Bro » Fri, 11 Aug 1995 04:00:00

You didn't mention how old your machine is, but if you expect to keep it
awhile why not save yourself agravation over the long run and update your
bios.  Try 800.800.BIOS.

Having said that here is a part of a post that I had saved:

Linux and Ontrack Disk Manager are not compatible.  However, the
larger EIDE drives will work with an older IDE bios and controller
without DM, with just a few restrictions:

1. DOS will only be able to access the lower 1024 cylinders (~500MB).
2. Linux must be booted from a partition below the 1024 cylinder limit
   (if you boot from your 250MB drive, you'll be fine).
3. You may need to include the geometry of the large drive in
   your lilo config file (something like "hda=...").  Some older
   BIOSes allow large cylinder counts, so this may not be necessary;
   my 1991 vintage AMI BIOS allows me to specify 2100 cylinders for my
   1GB WD drive, even though the BIOS only supports 1024 cylinders.
   See the file EIDE.TXT, buried somewhere on sunsite and in the
   of the latest Slackware distribution, for more details.
4. fdisk will complain if a partition starts right on cylinder 1024;
   you should be able to ignore this error (this might be fixed in a
   newer fdisk than the one I have).


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 > from Sunsite. Made boot and root disks.  Then use fdisk
 > to create linux native and swap.  However, after creating
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 > moment, I recalled the limitation of 4 partitions on a hard disk.
 > Is this still true to Linux??

Yes and No. It's limited to 4 _PRIMARY_ partitions. So just put the additional
partition(s) you need in some logical ones (see below).

 > 1. DOS (partition 1, primary)
 > 2. os2 bootmanager (partition 2)
 > 3. os2 root drive (partition 3, logical)

Create an additional extended partition. Then the logical ones. Ready to go..
(you may - if there is - also use the empty space on the extended partition on
which "os2 root drive" resides). Got it?


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