Netgear EA201 ISA Ethernet Card

Netgear EA201 ISA Ethernet Card

Post by Gar » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Does anyone know if and how I can get Red Hat Linux 6.0 to recognize
this card. I can find little upon doing a search except that someone
claims it is a NE2000 compatibile. I printed out the hardware settings
fron W98 which show 0240h for 1/0 and IRQ 10. I entered these settings
on the options and it does not recognize it. I am what to do.



1. Netgear EA201 10Mbit ISA ethernet card

Will the Netgear EA201 10Mbit ISA ethernet card work with FreeBSD
and/or Linux?  The box doesn't say if it is an NE2000 clone or some


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