CD writing under Linux?

CD writing under Linux?

Post by bill davids » Sat, 05 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I know there's CD writer software for Linux, someone sent me a CD
once. However, I have no idea what hardware and software is needed,
and I'd like more info.

Besides writing "traditional" CD's, I would like to use CD as a
durable backup media. Given that all machines these days are likely
to have a CD and unlikely to have DAT or 4mm, the high cost per copy
and resistance to altering or magnetic fields might justify the

I'm sorry, this was discussed months ago and I didn't save it...


1. cd writing in linux for a complete linux dummy...


I want to know how to set up my ide cd-writer (hp cdwriter+ 8100i) in
linux.  I've read the HOW TOs, but I am completely brand new to linux and
they are way over my head.  I was wondering if someone would be willing to
give me some help setting up my burner.  please assume I know very little
about linux.  thanks for any help you can give me.



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