HOP HOP and skip with PINE

HOP HOP and skip with PINE

Post by dl.. » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

        Can anyone help me with a mail problem?

        I can get all my mail from my mail server but they don't say where they come from they say 'user unknown'.
When I look at the mail it is there in full but there is a message attached at the top
saying 'To many hops 20 used 17 is the max. i have increased the hops in the sendmail.conf
to 25 but now it says 28 is the, it appears to be always three out.

        Can anyone help me or explain what is happening! Thank you


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1. Next hop and o/p i/f IP address

Hi list
        Sorry to bother you with such a trivial query.

To make a routing decision ip_route_input() is called. It fills the skb->dst
with appropriate entry. Can anyone point to the exact location where I can find
the next hop and output interface IP address.

It seems
skb->dst->dev->ip_ptr->in_dev->ifa_list->ifa_address is o/p i/f ip address and
skb->dst->neighbour->dev->ip_ptr->in_dev->ifa_list->ifa_address  is next hop IP

Please correct me if I am wrong.
Thanks for all the help.


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