Kernel panic, alternate superblock

Kernel panic, alternate superblock

Post by Peter & Emiko Hal » Wed, 08 May 1996 04:00:00

     while removing newsgroups in netscape 2.01, the keyboard froze and I had no
choice but a cold reboot.  The file system was of course damaged.  I am unable to
access the drive on which I have my linux partition.  I have a rescue floppy but I
can not run fsck as it complains that the superblock is corrupt.  I need to know
what are the numbers for alternate superblocks that would be still operational.


1. Bad Superblock, kernel panic, help please.

After a proper shutdown and reboot, Linux died with a kernel panic
when attempting to mount the root filesystem.

Booting from a rescue disk, I ran e2fsck which reported a bad magic number
in superblock.  Followed by invalid superblock, unable to read ext2 fs.

Do I have any options for recovering this partition?

Or data stored on it?


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