Mouse not recognized - Suggestions please

Mouse not recognized - Suggestions please

Post by Richard R Ure » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>as well as /dev/cua1, dev/ttyS1, dev/gpmdata (after setting gpm up for

            ^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^

Serial mice are usually connected to the first serial port.
Under Linux that's #0.    So try with /dev/ttyS0 (which corresponds
to DOS/Windows COM1)


1. Logitech PS/2 mouse not being recognized --Please help!!!!

I run Slackware 3.3, and i have a nearly brand-new Logitech 'First
Mouse' PS/2 motherboard is a has a
separate PS/2 port solely for the mouse.
Linux will NOT recognize the mouse..i have recompiled three times now
with different mouse settings and still nothing. gpm says "/dev/mouse :
no such device" even though i manually set the link to /dev/psaux, and i
try it with /dev/psaux and it says there's no such device as that,
either.. and i've rm'ed it and mknod'ed it again and everything. i am
totally at a loss here. i've heard that the new Logitech mice don't use
the same protocol as the older ones...maybe there's a driver i need
I don't know, but i REALLY need help. i'd greatly appreciate any
assistance. thanks.
--Clay Hinson

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